Any dream can be converted into a new reality

We love finding innovative solutions to interesting and complex challenges.
Certainly when no (technical) solution seems to be in sight...      yet!
Getting things done without being married to specific techniques or technologies:.

We prefer to keep solutions simple and scalable .
But supported by experience with a broad range of technologies:
Ranging from cloud services, databases and (embedded) software,
over RF tech, PCB production and schematics;
to mechanical designs and materials sourcing.
Using creativity without limits.

We can also help set up efficient, scalable and quality-oriented manufacturing
and help with funding or international certifications.

Curious about the projects we are working on?

Confidentiality is important to us and to our customers.
We respect NDA's and IP far beyond legal obligations.
While developing (OEM) projects and afterwards,
we can make sure nobody finds out we even worked on them.

So don't bother looking for confidential information.

However when the time is right,
and with full support and permission of all stakeholders,
we might share some interesting details in the future...